Member Benefits

What do I get as a member of MMP?

Professional Development

To truly succeed, a media professional must be dedicated to continual learning—marketing, new technology, communication expertise, industry trends, best business practices and the latest market research. MMP is dedicated to providing its members the vast amount of information and training needed to excel in their profession.


MMP provides excellent networking opportunities. Our members constantly tell us they’ve made their best connections—new clients, potential jobs, strategic partners, needed expertise and resources, and some of their best friends—through MMP activities. Our members tell us that the local connections—including on-going development, committee involvement and the powerful networking—are worth infinitely more than the dues they invest.

Social Connections and Resources

MMP members have access to a wealth of invaluable resources to augment their professional activities, such as our on-line articles and tutorials. We also deliver scheduled and instantaneous communications via our eNewsletters.


MMP provides our members with myriad marketing opportunities. For example, our interactive online MMP Membership Directory literally market our members’ unique talents and services to anyone looking for a media professional.


MMP offers its members the recognition that professionals not only deserve, but also often need. Our flagship recognition program—the MMP WAVE Awards—recognizes excellence in the creation of film, video, interactive multimedia, live and internet programs. This unique judging competition awards not only the most creative, but also the most effective communication.