Become a Member / Membership Renewal


Ideal for three people; then $90 for each additional person. Ideal for individuals employed by a large corporation, which would also include non-profit, government or educational organizations. Membership are paid as a single payment and belong to the corporation and are transferable.As described in the Corporate Group Membership, this is the 4th or more membership for the company. This is also a transferable membership.Ideal for the independent professional or employee of a small business. This is paid by and belongs to the individual and is non-transferable.Available only to an individual enrolled as a media communications student with a current student ID. Requires verification of current student status to activate membership. This membership belongs to the individual and is non-transferable. Persons who have previously been in the professional and going for additional degrees are not eligible for Student Membership.

If you have questions about becoming a new member, please contact Lois Weiland.

Lois Weiland
(608) 220-3123